Let’s Be Citizens & End the Culture of Violence

Minister for Gender, Children and Social Protection, Otiko Afisah Djaba has called on Ghanaians to uphold the country’s rule of law and ensure peace in the nation.

Hon. Otiko Djaba admonished the Ghanaians to be citizens and join forces to prevent the rising culture of violence in the country.

She bemoaned the sudden “bloodlust” that has characterized the nation, saying “let us do all we can to protect our society and ensure that the rule of law is observed and all perpetrators of violence are brought to justice.”

The Minister said this in a statement to commemorate the “International Day of the Innocent Children and Victims of Aggression”.

“June 4th marks the International Day of the Innocent Children and Victims of Aggression. Twenty years ago, the UN General Assembly adopted the 51/77 Resolution on the Rights of the Child. It was a landmark development in efforts to improve the protection of children in conflict situations and today we reaffirm our commitment to upholding this resolution.

Globally, children are being misplaced from their homes or are separated from their families by terrible acts of violence. Most of these children are condemned to live the rest of their lives in harsh conditions and all the dreams of their little hearts are shattered because some groups failed to recognize their existence and right to a good life.

It is widely acknowledged that women and children are the most vulnerable groups in times of conflict and the heart-breaking and gruesome stories of days past and even recent times reinforce this fact”, portions of the statement read.

In view of this, the Minister has called for protection for children for them to grow up to be responsible future leaders.

She further called for an end to the violence in the country, stressing the impact may be devastating for the nation’s children.

“Our country may not be a hot war zone but recent events have shown that more needs to be done in observing the rule of the law and maintaining stability in the country. The recent gruesome murder of an army captain rudely reminded us that violence still lives with us and its effects are dire. Aside the loss of life and property, open violence has far-reaching psychological effects especially on children.

Research has shown that most children who come into contact with violence tend to become depressed due to the horrors they are exposed to whilst some tend to use violence as a form of communication and become vengeful and aggressive. No child deserves a life like that.

“As we commemorate this day, let us have a period of reflection and introspection…Nobody benefits when a country is thrown into chaos least of all our innocent children. Together, let us build a peaceful society where our children can grow and enjoy their lives without fear of violence and abuse”.

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