Lawyer Accuses Lawyer of ‘vendetta’ Against EC Chair Over Impeachment Move

Describing the petition as a “misadventure” and “treachery”, Joe Debrah said the lawyer for the EC staff, Maxwell Opoku-Agyemang, will not succeed in the exercise he has embarked on, hence advised him to throw in the towel at this early stage.

Both Joe Debrah and Mr Opoku-Agyemang were mates with Ms Osei at the Ghana School of Law, and were all called to the Ghana Bar in 1994.

In a Facebook post to Mr Opoku-Agyemang, Joe Debrah described the action as “a pox on the class of 1994.

“…It is an act of treachery beneath you and beneath us. But if you will persist in this decades-long vendetta, I have to say I can’t stand with you. I am a professional but I won’t stab my brother or sister in the back…” Joe Debrah advised.

“For those close to us, who know the history, this is nothing but treachery and treachery of any kind doesn’t sit well on anyone. That’s my fear for you. In seeking to harm Charlotte, you may cause massive damage to yourself needlessly when the full facts come out. Why you chose this path causes me loads of pain. You can’t win this!!!” he added.

Joe Derah said he has read the petition but struggling to understand the entire action which he said, sucks.

He said laywer Opoku-Agyemang can’t progress with the petition without disclosing who the petitioners are, adding it was even “unwise” for him to have added a clauses on political posture of Ms Osei in the petition.

“Having regard to all that we have shared in the past, I would expect you to pass such a brief to someone else,” he said.

But Mr Opoku-Agyemang responded to the Facebook post in the comment section, describing the claims by Joe Debrah as unfortunate, especially so when he [Opoku-Agyemang] is only working as a professional in the petition.

“It’s unfortunate you consider some age old vendetta when I also act as professional. Losing is a game of life and winning sometimes is a bonus” he stated.

He indicated that a professional behaviour is devoid of cronyism, and that he has nothing personal against the EC chairperson as suggested by Joe Debrah hence will pursue the case to the end.

He said he would glad to be exposed if indeed he has any such treachery, indicating the issues raised in the petitions are allegations by his clients.

“Nothing personal and hope to pursue this matter to the logical conclusion. Maybe if you have advised against show of power total disrespect for rules procedures and law you would have been a good friend,” he said.

“In any event [I] am counsel and in my view the clients case is not frivolous. Luckily you and I will not determine the outcome. Don’t worry the losers and winners will be known and it shall not be long.

“The clients will be identified to the appropriate body with their evidence. Don’t worry why don’t you join and assist Charlotte to disclose all about me. Let you all help her prepare her defence cos [because] the matter has just started,” he stated.

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