It’s ‘Shuatosis’ Not Shingles – Student

A student of the Kumasi Campus of the University of Education Winneba (UEW), Samuel Clinton Boateng, who led his colleagues to petition the authorities over an alleged outbreak of Shingles on campus, has apologised for misinforming the public.
According to Mr Boateng, available information indicates that there are no cases of Shingles recorded at the medical facility of the school, but rather a few cases of Paederus Dermatitis known in the local parlance as ‘Shuatosis’.
“I, therefore, duly apologize and correct the erroneous impression created. The general public should disregard the information. Any inconveniences caused is deeply regretted,” he said in a letter.
Mr Boateng had alleged that some 375 students have been infected by Shingles within a space of two weeks, causing fear and panic on campus but the university authorities denied the claim.
Paederus Dermatitis is a peculiar, irritant contact dermatitis caused by a beetle belonging to the genus Paederus. This insect does not bite or sting, but releases a fluid containing paederin, a potent blistering agent.
If not immediately washed off, the chemical leads to a linear dermatitis composed of red irritated skin and blisters.