5 Shocking Revelations By Asamoah Gyan

Asamoah Gyan has finally opened up on the full details of Castro’s disappearance wherein lies very shocking revelations…

Hiplife musician Theophilus Tagoe popularly known as Castro went missing togther with his girlfriend Janet Bandu in July, 2014 when they went on a holiday with Asamoah Gyan and a host of other friends and some of Gyan’s family members in the coastal town of Ada.

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Speaking to Deloris Frimpong Manso on the Delay Show, Asamoah Gyan revealed what actually transpired during the trip that led to Castro’s disappearance. Below are the most striking ones.

Asmaoah Gyan revealed that from all the circumstances surrounding Castro’s disappearance, he came to the conclusion that the incident was meant to be.

According to Gyan, it was a normal routine for him to take his friends on a holiday at that time of the year – June/July, but Castro called him a week before his arrival in Ghana, saying he will not be part of that year’s trip as he will be attending the funeral of a friend’s father in Kumasi during the period. Gyan also said he [Castro] came to Gyan’s house a day before the trip, saying he was on his way to Kumasi for the said funeral

“But whilst we were on our way to Ada, on the Accra-Tema motorway, we received a phone call that “Under” [Castro] wanted us to wait for him. We parked at a fuel filling station where a crowd gathered to catch a glimpse of me.

I later got the inclination it was destined to happen because he was initially not part of the trip,” Gyan said.

According to Gyan’s narration, Castro exhibited an unusual solitary attitude during the holiday and was always the last in everything. He said Castro remained in his hotel room resting when they started using the Jet ski  on the second day of their trip and they were all accompanied by experienced lifeguards throughout the ride.

Gyan also revealed that he had warned everyone against riding close to the estuary but Castro was absent at the time

Even when they wanted to go back to Aqua Safari the third day [Sunday], Castro was also the last to join the boat as he remained inside his hotel room when every other person was ready to move.

Asamoah Gyan also revealed that Castro was stopped from using the jet ski on Saturday morning, the second day of the trip after the group finished jet skiing for the first time.

According to Gyan, Castro came out of his hotel room when they were already done, and on finding out that they had gone skiing, wanted to go riding on the waters alone, but he was stopped by a bodyguard.

On Saturday evening, Gyan said they played a ‘live band’ and to everyone’s surprise, Castro went down on his knees and emotionally sang gospel songs; something Castro has never done before despite having played the live band many times with him.

Gyan said he asked him why he went so ‘spiritual’ that night but he only laughed.

According to Gyan, they had planned to go skiing once again at Aqua Safari on the third day and afterwards play volley ball. But not everyone went skiing as those who said they were scared, including Gyan’s brother Baffour stayed behind.

Gyan said Baffour who was watching thm as they skied, was the one that first stopped Janet and some others from joining Castro in the jet ski. After some time, he [Gyan] called on everyone to come for the volleyball and they all parked the jet skies except Castro who sped off, only returning to the river bank afterwards to allow his girlfriend Janet to join him in the jet ski.

…according to my brother, Baffour Gyan, he saw Castro stop at the bank, and Janet Bandu rushed to join him without a life jacket… and even though Baffour shouted at them to return for a jacket, they were not bothered and sped off, heading towards the estuary side and that was the last time we all saw him,” Gyan said.

Owing to these explanations, Asamoah Gyan seems to believe that Castro’s disappearance was engineered by some supernatural forces who took over control of him – first making him to suddenly change his mind from attending the supposed funeral, and subsequently making him give deaf ears to vital warnings during the trip.

What do you think about the entire episode? Do you agree with Gyan or do you have a different view? What about Janet Bandu; what do you think about her role in the tragic incident, especially as regards her refusal to wear a life jacket? Please, let’s have your views at the comment section below.

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