5 Lesser Known Facts About The Actress

Ingrid Nyarkowaa Alabi is a name that may not be so popular in the Ghanaian movie industry, but has made significant contributions acting and movie production. While some young and growing movie fans may not know her too well, Ingrid Alabi is really a Ghanaian actress with a difference.

The 31-year-old lady was first came to the limelight after starring in ‘Prince’s Bride’ alongside popular actors John Dumelo, Yvonne Nelson and Jackie Appiah in 2009.

Now shooting up again in the entertainment industry as an actress, producer and musician, BuzzGhana has gathered some facts about the beautiful actress that may not have crossed your mind. Read on…

Contrary to what some people may be thinking, Ingrid has been in Ghana’s showbiz industry for over a decade. She was the first runner-up of Miss Ghana 2004 and subsequently featured in a number of Ghanaian movies.

She entered the industry in 2007 after her debut in Venus Film’s ‘Tears Of Woman’. She has subsequently played roles in other movies like ‘Playboy’, ‘Girls Connection’, ‘Testing the Waters’ and a host of others.

Ingrid has however maintained a low profile in the movie industry, owing to her numerous education and career trips outside the country which has kept her on and off the movie scene over the years.

In a recent interview, Miss Alabi revealed that she actually holds music closer to her heart than acting but was discouraged by not finding a place in the Ghanaian music circle. She made the disclosure while talking about the soundtrack of her new movie which she recorded herself.

Music was actually my first love but I, unfortunately, the lost the interest since back in the days the music industry wasn’t favourable to females. Besides the kind of music I wanted to do then, Ghanaians were not really exposed to that style of music. So it was a bit of a struggle to fit in and unfortunately, I lost the interest. However, your first love will always be your love so I’m back. I intend pursuing music again,” she said.

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Ingrid is an actress who has got that strong large daring heart that pursues big dreams. Always referring to herself as a queen, Ingrid who is an ex- beauty queen and philanthropist has numerous high goals she is set to accomplish in her life and career. Talking about her debut movie, ‘Adam The Eve’, the beautiful lady said it is just the start of what she has in stock when it comes to movie production. Moreover, her decision to abstain from sex has surely got something with her strong and daring personality!

Turning 31 last month, Ingrid posted a series of photos that presents her as a real goddess. One of them is captioned: “You are not a queen if you don’t drink from a golden glass. Think it, it is possible.”

Speaking in an interview with Showbiz, Ingrid Alabi, said her main aim of making Adam The Eve is to get husbands to appreciate their wives.

According to her, “no marriage is a bed of roses and it is the duty of spouses in the union to make it work.” There is no perfect marriage and couples are responsible to iron out issues when they crop up without involving third parties”, she stressed.

Talking of her experience as a first time film producer, Ingrid said “This is my first time of shooting a movie and I must say it is not easy. I have come to respect movie makers. From location to financing everything by yourself is not an easy task.” Adding that ‘Adam The Eve’ won’t be her last production.

To the utter disbelief of almost everyone, Ingrid Alabi revealed she hasn’t hit the sheets with any man in the last three years! Her disclosure is completely alien to what could be associated with an actress and celebrity.

However, the Play Boy actress insisted she was telling nothing but the truth and only the truth! Ingrid made the unbelievable disclosure while speaking in an interview with Showbiz few days ago.

She said she took the decision to abstain from sex because she does not want to do it with the wrong man, especially while considering the fact that most men are no longer trustworthy.

“I have now made a vow to have sex on my wedding night and until then, I won’t do anything with any man,” she said.

Ingrid said she meets men regularly but will only give her heart to a serious man who would treat her like a queen.

“Every lady wants to be treated like a queen and loved to the maximum and once I get such a responsible man, I would gladly accept and marry him,” she said.

The beautiful actress says she has since devised means of wadding off her sexual urges such as taking a cold shower or eating ice cream. So for Ingrid Alabi, what matters most is not flimsy romantic relationships, but building her career, growing her businesses, and then settling down when she meets her description of a marriageable man.