46 Police Officers Interdicted over Sexual Exploitation Charges

Interior Minister, Ambrose Dery, says the Ghana Police administration has dispatched a three-member team of investigators to South Sudan to investigate alleged sexual exploitation and abuse involving 46 police officers on a United Nations mission in South Sudan.
The said officers were allegedly involved in sexual misconduct and have been withdrawn to Juba.
Responding to a question on the floor of parliament, the Minister said officials who will be implicated in the alleged misconduct will be dealt with according to law.
He added that the officers in question have been since been interdicted.
Ambrose Dery told the house that urgent steps were being taken by his ministry and the Attorney-General to amend the Ghana Police Service Regulations 2012 (C176) to include sexual exploitation and abuse which are not explicitly captured under the current regulations.
He added that in line with the UN zero adherence policy on sexual exploitation and abuse, the detachment of the 46 personnel was repatriated on administrative grounds to Ghana on 30th May 2018.