10 Latest Ghanaian Celebrity Divorces That Shocked The Nation

These Ghanaian celebrity divorces came as a shock to many, especially while considering the ‘love’ that characterized the couples’ relationships before trouble struck!

The rate of divorce in our society today is really alarming. It is no longer a big deal for one to walk in and out of several marriages in the name of divorce. Notwithstanding the level of education and better life conditions available to us now, we are far from having successful and lasting marriages like our predecessors, who are believed to be less privileged had.

The courts are saturated with divorce suits more than any other ones you may think of. This phenomenon seems to be on the hyper rate in the world of entertainment and Ghana is not an exception.

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And just like in many other countries, Ghanaian celebrity divorces have always come as a shock to many, especially while considering the level of love and colour that characterize celebrity relationships before trouble strikes. This has left very many single celebrities in great dread of marriage, with many of them vowing to ever remain single.

Odartey suddenly came up to everyone’s amazement to deny fathering any of his supposedly 3 children. He meant it, filed for divorce and that’s that! As at this time, he is expecting his third child fwith his new girlfriend and wife-to-be, actress Ruweida Yakubu.

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Funny Face’s divorce is one of the latest in the Ghana entertainment industry. To the amazement of all, the comedian suddenly ended his marriage with Elizabeth Nana Adjoa Ntim, barely two years into the bond for some unclear reasons. However, from some of his comments after the ugly incident, it could be guessed that the cause has something to do with infidelity.

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The beef that led to the divorce of Kofi and Victoria was no secret at all. They couldn’t reconcile so it ended up in divorce.

Ghanaians were really surprised when Abeiku came up with the news of divorcing his wife maggie on “private issues”. It became a reality and Abeiku is now married to another lady.

Its usually strange when its heard that a man of God divorced his wife because of how men of God are rated in the societ . The fact is that there are some things not expected of them as they are taken to be the spiritual guides. This was exactly the case of Bishop Duncan Williams. He never considered this but went ahead to divorce his wife, Madam Francisca Williams after a whole 26 yearson the grounds of “irreconcilable differences”. He later married Rosa Whitaker, the CEO and President of the Whitaker Group in Washington, D. C.

Jackie’s marriage with Peter which produced a son lasted for only 7 years after which Jackie decided to untie the knot.

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Permit me to say that Kwabena is good in the bussiness. That’s actually why you saw his name written alone as I do not know which woman to put her name. The fact is that Kwabena has had up to 3 different divorces.

Christian and Pastor Love’s divorce was one of the most shocking that rocked Ghana media, with the couple throwing several nasty accusations at each other before finally parting ways for good. After the divorce, the gospel singer changed her name to Obaapa Christy.

Despite the fact that Juliet had  a child with Kwadwo, that didn’t deter her from divorcing him. Now, their marriage is just a history- a thing of the past!

Its quite unfortunate that Henrietta Mensah filed for divorce after ten years of marriage for reasons unknown to us. John Mensah granted the request and is now married to another lady.

6 years after his marriage with two children, Kwaw Kese divorced his wife, Ann who is an American. Says it happened mutually on the grounds of cultural differences. He is currently married to Doris Kyei Baffour.

Several accusations on each other’s part led to the divorce of this couple, ranging from lies to infidelity. Esther is now married to another man.

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