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XO Senavoe – OLUWADELE (New Music)

On October 13th 2014, the super talented XO Senavoe released the official lyrical video for his latest single Oluwadele.
oluwadele lyrics video 3
Yesterday, I finally got a chance to listen to this beautifully crafted musical genius of a masterpiece by XO Senavoe and Efya.
Barima Kwakye, one of our Accra Entertainment editors, had been impressing upon me to check out the song for a while. I had been swamped with other responsibilities and meeting other deadlines over the last month so I put it on the back burner until I could give it a closer and thorough review. Yes, I know weak excuse.
Honestly, I love every aspect of the song and I am kicking myself for not discovering it much much earlier and sharing with our readership.
From the smooth jazz intro,the refreshing strong soprano chorus by Efya, and XO Senavoe’s seamless tenor voice as he lays down resonant rhythmic lyrics, Oluwadele is a must listen and definitely worth purchasing and downloading.
The speakers of your iPhone or your android phone will thank you as you relax to to the song in your home or on your commute.
oluwadele lyrics video 5
The song’s strong intro establishes a good vibe that captures your attention and sets up a good foundation for the song to build upon.
The song has a strong 80’s/90’s R&B- influenced melody delicately laid on a silky jazzy base.
XO Senavoe and Efya showcase their strong wordplay on the 4 minute 40 second long track.
Each artiste has a rich tome that is consistent throughout the duration of the track.
XO Senavoe also draws on some of his childhood experiences that will have you reminiscing about the 80’s and 90’s.
Overall Oluwadele is a feel good song that can only go up on the charts.

“You see your heart remains your heart
no matter how long you’re gone
No it’s never been perfect
but home has always been home
And kids is always smiling
whether barefoot, hungry or broke
Cos growing up we had this thing called hope
So we say OLUWADELE”

oluwadele vid 1
Overall this song is a 9.5/10. We were a little stingy and held onto the 0.5 just because we are waiting for what the next collaboration between XO Senavoe and Efya will bring.
So until then join us as we sing Olwadele, Oluwadele, Oluwadele, Oluwadele, Oluwadele, there is no place like home baby always remember me.
To connect with and further explore the world of XO Senavoe check out his facebook page X.O Senavoe

To connect with XO Senavoe on twitter follow him on his official twitter handle,

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