The Best Roast Pork in Accra!

Pork, otherwise known as Bra Charles has become a Superstar meat in Ghana of late.

Of course its always been there as long as I can remember from the time my Granny would cut up pork feet and use it in her okra stew.

But its fame of late has been more of….i don’t really know the words to use here. Give me a sec.

When word gets around the city of a restaurant or pub having the best grilled/fried pork around, people travel miles to get that pork. Is the word ‘A craze? foodporn? Foodfad? Foodtrend?

I don’t know but pork has never been more popular than now.

In Ghana, pork is cooked in various ways. It is steamed or boiled for soups (Light Soup, PalmNut Soup, Groundnut Soup), it can be fried, grilled or roasted which is commonly called ‘Domedo’.

Thats actually my favourite! Every body part of a pig has its own unique taste if you ask me.

The ears are quite tasty when its fried/ grilled to a crunch ;), ask any Ghanaian. I haven’t been that adventurous on its other body parts though.

Domedo is often eaten with fried yam with Kpakposhito (spicy hot green pepper) or with Kenkey or Banku. I find it tastier and easier to eat with fried yam and that hot pepper.

The Best Roast Pork in Accra!

Roasted pork on buffet table.

Why am I going on about pork today?

Well, I went to my friend Abbey’s birthday party a week ago and lo and behold there lay at the head of a buffet table a full roasted pig! Just like you would see on Asterik & Obelisk’s lunch table! Exactly like that.

As the photographer for the event, I couldn’t help but take photos of the fantastic looking pig. Dead of course. (No offense to animal rights groups!) WARNING!! The following images could be graphic to some!

The Best Roast Pork in Accra!

The Best Roast Pork in Accra!

The Best Roast Pork in Accra!

After I had taken enough shots I took my share of the white meat with a bit of salad and a glass of palm wine. OMG! The pork was delicious!

I am not gushing here but I am a food connoisseur and good food must be praised! I can almost taste it now *sighs!*

It had been spiced thoroughly with hints of ginger, pepper and other spices I couldn’t quite place! I had to let the chef know!

So I rushed up to the man with the carving knife and asked if he was the chef. He said yes and gave me his card! Wise chef! So here I am sharing with you the photos and contact number for the catering business, which apparently makes all kinds of grilled meats for private parties and events. Aren’t I sweet?

Thank you for agreeing!

The Best Roast Pork in Accra!

The Best Roast Pork in Accra!

You can contact Awuco’s Spicy Barbecue on 0243-206 928 / 050 9 730 878 / 026 7 660 811 and they are located at Pig Farm, no pun intended, but thats a real suburb of Accra and it just shows you how much we love our pork.

There are some cool hangouts in Accra where you can get tasty grilled pork as well such as Tasty Jerk in Osu, Republic Bar & Grill and a spot at North Kaneshie ( i can’t remember the name but its by the roadside lol!)

Pork is tasty but is pretty high in cholesterol so please take it easy on Friday nights out with your boys-boys or girls-girls! 🙂

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