#TBT – Native Funk Lords – Yen Kan Bom

It is Throwback Thursday (TBT) and we will like to share with you Native Funk Lord’s (N.F.L). Yen Kan Bom
The popularity of the song made it the unofficial anthem for the Osu boys, during the late 90’s and the early 2000’s.
Yen kan bom literally means let us unite
This was a song we grew up listening to in Ghana in our early teens. The video was frequently featured on Smash TV and Close-Up Hitz video.
You might recognize the leaner looking Eddie Blay Jr. in his post St. Thomas Aquinas days.
Eddie Blay Jr., Jake the Snake, Tinney Quaye and Cecil Pesewa who formed the core of the group were part of Ghana’s 1990’s rap royalty
The message of the song still stays relevant today. We as Ghanaians need set our differences aside and work together to achieve a better Ghana.
Ti ti eta , W) j3 Osu…