#TBT HIGH-LIFE: Amakye Dede – Su Fre Wo Nyame

It is Throwback Thursday Again. If you got the blues, we have got your fix.
Today, in honor of #TBT HIGH-LIFE we present to you Amakye Dede – Su Fre Wo Nyame
The Amakye Dede classic is a song about not losing hope and trusting that will God to carry you out of any perilous situation you find yourself in.
Amakye Dede “The Iron Boy” cautions everyone to desist from the negative tendency of comparing oneself with others. Rather he encourages you to push on, believe in yourself and have a positive attitude.
The song is a reminder that everything in life is fleeting and we do not do ourselves any favors by being weighed down by material things.
Do enjoy and please share with us your memories of growing up with this song