10 Lessons I Learnt In 2016

What a year it has been! So soon, the curtains have been drawn on another amazing year.

The ups, downs, tears and laughter have all made this year such a memorable one. In every experience, what matters most are the lessons we learn. As a matter of fact, what happens to us is/are not important as the lessons we learn from them. And… these are my lessons in 2016.

‘Immaturity says, “Listen to reply.” Maturity says, “Listen to listen!”

As maturity takes over the better part of us, we get to realize that we should listen to understand instead of listening to reply. We ought to listen more and speak less. Many of us would have avoided some of the uncomfortable situations we are drowned in if we often listened to others to understand the context and import of their message instead of being in haste to reply them.

‘Life won’t give you what you deserve. It will give you what you fight for!’

In this life, dreams don’t just happen! If your life is on autopilot, I’m sorry to say you may never achieve anything no matter how long you stay on this Earth. Life is not a free lunch giver. It won’t even give you what you deserve.

If you indeed want something, go get it! Go fight for it. Our dreams are our headaches. Until we make that conscious effort to carry them ourselves, they’ll forever remain in our heads instead of becoming realities. If you want that good marriage, fight for it. Consciously work to make yours one. If you want to be at the top, go out there and make it happen. Nothing ever happened by just wishing they happened.

‘Choose passion over talent. Wherever passion goes, talent follows.’

If I were to choose between passion and talent, I would opt for the former on any day. I have come across many so-called talented professionals this year who only started as passionate novices. All they had was a passion to be who they dreamt of being.

Everyone is talented, trust me. What evokes the talent is passion. Your passion will naturally unravel your talent. Don’t despise yourself for not having as much ‘talent’ as another. All you need is passion. Talent will automatically follow you.

‘The values in our hearts speak more about us than the crucifix dangling around our neck.’

Especially in this part of our world, we have a way of telling people who we are by our exterior when what really matters is the interior. Of what use is a large crucifix, when you have a small heart that can’t love? Of what essence is your religiosity when you can’t even tolerate others who have dissenting views?

You are the values in your heart… not the crucifix on your neck. Your character speaks louder than any other speech you may ever make. If you are indeed religious, show it within… not just without.

‘The only devil that may be sitting on our destiny is our own character.’

How we attribute every ill that happens to us to the devil! I have very much come to learn in 2016 that our [bad] character can be that mountain in life we need to climb to get to where we need to be. Until we do away with that bad attitude, we may only move in circles and not make any progress in this life.

The first thing you should check for your retrogressing life is not the devil. It’s your character.

‘Following your dreams may not put money in your pocket. But… it’ll put satisfaction in your heart.’

There’s nothing as fulfilling as a life lived following our hearts instead of our pockets. Your dream may cost your pocket but eventually it would be emptied into your heart.

‘Love God. Love man. Life revolves around love.’

If you love God, you’ll love his creatures; man. Life is a love thing. Don’t without your love.

‘Wish for others what you may want them to wish for you. Others’ failure won’t make you any more successful.’

The sea is big enough to contain every fish. Other fishes don’t need to die for others to grow bigger. It’s same with humankind. Our success doesn’t hinge on the failure of others. Pray for others. Wish them success in their endeavors. Only little minds assume that they are where they are because of another’s success.

‘Make true friends while you’re at the bottom of life. When you reach the top, you’ll be too busy to make any.’

Everyone wants to be the friend of success. Success has many witnesses. Failure has always been on its own. Our true friends are those who stuck with us in our valleys. When you reach the mountain top, many friends so-called will come around. Don’t regard them as one because they are not!

‘Within 24 hours, an abled man was called disabled. Within the same 24 hours, a living man was referred to as a body.’

Be humble. This life is just unpredictable. Treat others well because within the next 24 hours, you may be in their shoes and they… in yours.

The writer is a playwright and Chief Scribe of Scribe Communications (www.scribecommltd.com), a writing company based in Accra. Get interactive with him on his Facebook page, Kobina Ansah.

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